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...wasn't built in a day...


There are many layers comprising the richness of Dogatopia, each with incentives, rewards, and benefits for dogs and their human companions. Here's our plan to bring a slice of dog heaven to everyone.

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PHASE 1: The Doggie's in the Details

Let the creative tail wagging begin with developing the architecture of the Dogatopia ecosystem and how its central features interact and support one another. Our Team of dog-loving experts have carefully considered:

  • the scope and depth to which the project can contribute to dog welfare;

  • user financial and non-financial incentives;

  • how Dogatopia can link various dog-related communities,  businesses, and organizations.

  • DGZ token listing: If and when the right ecosystemic, economic, and regulatory conditions present, we have plans to list the DGZ token on a decentralized exchange.


A strong and virtuous architecture helps to create curb appeal for Dogatopia's applications for grants and venture capital funding.

PHASE 2: Doggie Debut

Let the paws hit the ground running! User interface will be rolled out through the DGZ app. And the more you participate in the community, the more you can connect, earn, and govern.

  • At the center is the Dogatopia mobile app which will be the first point of contact where users can tap-to-earn, move-to-earn, and boost earning rates by sharing and connecting with others.

  • Move-to-earn, or Walkies: We plan to use Web 3 geo-location technology to help you track your dog-walking activity . . . all for free!

  • Tokenomics and Goverance form the logistical backbone by which the DGZ team has maximized the opportunities for financial and non-financial rewards and participation. Dogonomics and Dogmocracy were created to keep on giving!

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PHASE 3: Woof & Beyond

The longevity of Dogatopia rests on a robust community and plans to create more opportunities to explore, connect, earn, and get you and your dog outside.


  • Dogapedia is one of our main projects. It's a Web 2 site with curated content about all things dog, and is the invaluable source which you can help grow in order to benefit dogs and their owners with the power of knowledge.

  • The Sky's the Limit: We've got a lot planned for projects, including a Dog Coin Rescue Shelter for trading in worthless dog meme coins for DGZ, a Dog Owner Dating App, and positioning Dogatopia to act as a "Layer 1" incubator for other Web2 and Web3 projects that can add value to our community.

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