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DOGATOPIA is a revolutionary, Web3 project dedicated to advancing the health and life span of our beloved canine companions. Our community is bringing the power of blockchain technology to aggregate and validate critical information around dog care and companionship. Unlike other projects, Dogatopia is a truly decentralized, global community of dog lovers who are passionate about taking connection and care to the next level.


So, get ready - Dogatopia is about to unleash a dog lover's platform that is unlike anything you've seen before!

When you become a member of Dogatopia, you earn DGZ tokens, just by participating in our community via our smart phone app (see below).

The Dogatopia App

At the center of user-interface is the Dogatopia app, which lets dogs know you love them and earn DGZ for doing so. Now that's a Win-Win!

The app is being developed, and a basic version can be download by clicking on the "Sign Up" button below. 

Here's some of the features of the app:

  • Tap: Most experts think dogs should get to walk at least 3 times each day. That's why we've built in functionality that lets you express your love of dogs by tapping, or "paw fiving", the dog paw button. Each time you tap, you also earn more DGZ. 


  • Contribute and Connect: Share your own experience and connect with other dog lovers and owners through your own virtual dog park using your own custom invitation link.

  • Curate: If you are a veterinarian, dog expert, or dog social media influencer, join Dogatopia and get rewarded with DGZ for sharing your expertise. 

  • Move: "Walkies" are not only good for your dog, they're good for you, too. Our app allows you to turn on location sharing. So while it is in use, your steps count - literally!  For each step you take while Move is activated, you'll earn more DGZ.


And because we know your time is valuable, more frequent user participation will include DGZ token rewards, an increase in user status, an increase in governance participation, and . . . well, you'll get more of that feeling of doing the right thing by making the world a better place for all dogs.

As you know, it takes time and a lot of input to create the world's best dog resource. We're hard at work building the app and will roll out all of the listed functionalities in phases. The good news is that you can help by becoming a member of Dogatopia today. It is free to join and you'll get special treats for signing up early.

Sign up today by downloading a basic version of the app. The earlier you join, the more DGZ you'll earn once the app is entirely live.


Click on the button below to download the app. Or, you can read the adjacent column to find out more about DGZ tokens and how they work.

DGZ: Tap-to-Love & More!

DGZ is the native token fueling the Dogatopia ecosystem. It is a Ethereum-based utility token that DGZ app users earn when they log-in and tap the dog paw button.

DGZ is led by a team of blockchain and business experts who all love dogs and are all committed to making sure DGZ is way more than a meme coin. We're building Dogatopia in partnership with some of the largest dog charities and organizations in the world and making sure our functionality is compelling and continuously evolving.


We're building DGZ to be the strongest dog utility coin on the blockchain. So, how can you get yours before they are publicly available?

We have designed a multi-tier, participation-based algorithm that rewards dog lovers based on numerous factors:

  1. Sign up early: The sooner you get involved, the higher your base earn rate will be.

  2. Boost your earn rate: Whether you only have time to tap or you want to dig more deeply, each way that you engage as an active community member will result in higher DGZ earn rates.

  3. Stay active: Dogatopia can't be the heavenly resource it's meant to be if our members join with a one-and-done mindset. That's why we GIVE DGZ daily for ongoing usage and BURN users who drop out of being actively involved. 

  4. Share as much as you can: Whether it is your experience as a dog owner who travels and knows how to find dog-friendly accommodation or as a dog walker who knows the best places to make sure your dog's paws get to feel the goodness of fresh green grass, your experience and expertise helps our community provide meaningful information . . . and that is worth rewarding.

DGZ is the fuel that powers Dogatopia. We plan to use the most powerful renewable energy around to build and sustain DGZ value growth (our community!). Here are some examples of what you'll be able to do with your DGZ:

  • Lock: Use your DGZ to earn US dollar stablecoins;

  • Vote: Participate in how DGZ power is deployed (e.g. which charities get support; which research should we help advance).

For more information, please click below to see our lite paper.

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